Nathan Leftenant

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Year Title Label Rating
Cardiac Arrest 1977 Cameo - Cardiac Arrest CHOCOLATE CITY
(16 votes)
We All Know Who We Are 1978 Cameo - We All Know Who We Are CHOCOLATE CITY
(11 votes)
Ugly Ego 1978 Cameo - Ugly Ego CHOCOLATE CITY
(9 votes)
Secret Omen 1979 Cameo - Secret Omen CHOCOLATE CITY
(18 votes)
Cameosis 1980 Cameo - Cameosis CHOCOLATE CITY
(60 votes)
Feel Me 1980 Cameo - Feel Me CHOCOLATE CITY
(54 votes)
Knights Of The Sound Table 1981 Cameo - Knights Of The Sound Table CHOCOLATE CITY
(46 votes)
Alligator Woman 1982 Cameo - Alligator Woman CHOCOLATE CITY
(63 votes)
She's Strange 1984 Cameo - She's Strange CASABLANCA
(52 votes)
Single Life 1985 Cameo - Single Life ATLANTA ARTISTS
(49 votes)
Word Up! 1986 Cameo - Word Up! ATLANTA ARTISTS
(50 votes)
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