Elliott Golub

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Year Title Label Rating
The Sagittarius Movement 1971 Jerry Butler - The Sagittarius Movement MERCURY
(0 votes)
The Imaginations 1974 The Imaginations - The Imaginations 20TH CENTURY
(2 votes)
Sweet Sixteen 1974 Jerry Butler - Sweet Sixteen MERCURY
(0 votes)
Feeling Good 1976 Walter Jackson - Feeling Good CHI SOUND
(0 votes)
Suite For The Single Girl 1977 Jerry Butler - Suite For The Single Girl MOTOWN
(0 votes)
I Want To Come Back As A Song 1977 Walter Jackson - I Want To Come Back As A Song CHI-SOUND (UNITED ARTISTS)
(0 votes)
Good To See You 1978 Walter Jackson - Good To See You CHI SOUND
(0 votes)
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