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Year Title Label Rating
Tenderness 1981 Ohio Players - Tenderness BOARDWALK
(3 votes)
Twice The Love 1988 George Benson - Twice The Love WARNER BROS.
(6 votes)
Karyn White 1988 Karyn White - Karyn White WARNER BROS.
(6 votes)
Midnight Star 1988 Midnight Star - Midnight Star SOLAR
(11 votes)
Home 1989 Stephanie Mills - Home MCA
(7 votes)
Passion 1989 Shirley Lewis - Passion A&M
(5 votes)
Love Crazy 1991 Atlantic Starr - Love Crazy REPRISE
(2 votes)
Mixed Emotions 1991 David Peaston - Mixed Emotions MCA
(1 vote)
Straight Down To Business 1991 Ready For The World - Straight Down To Business MCA
(1 vote)
Just An Illusion 1992 Najee - Just An Illusion EMI
(3 votes)
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Producer/engineer David Bianco - Pensado's Place #276
Bsides Dc 2016 - Practical Cyborgism: Getting Start With Machine Learning For Incident Detection
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