CD Review Funk-E by Enois Scroggins

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Enois Scroggins - Funk-E

Just received the latest CD "Funk-E" from in France based Enois Scroggins for a review. Enois Scroggins is a professional funk/gospel/r&b singer. He has collaborated with famous ans talented artists such as Ronnie Wilson from the Gap Band, Charlie Singleton from Cameo, the jazz Saxophonist Branford Marsalis. During his 30 years career, Enois has shared stage with Lakeside, Al Green, Rudy Love & The Love Family, Zapp, and Atlantic Starr. Almost all tracks are written by Oliv'

To avoid repetition of some words i'll start this CD review with some of them: Superb, fantastic, wonderful, splendid, must have, pure pleasure, great funk Album. Enois and Oliv' does know how to make late seventies, eigthies funk, old school, boogie tunes.



The CD consist of sixteen funk tracks. When you hear the first accord on track #1 you might think, hmm another house track a la "C&C music factory (deeper love)" but when the bass and synth does their work you notice that your thoughts were wrong. This is pure funk with the right eighties Synth, drum and bass sounds. Enois voice sound almost similair like Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band. The swiss female vocalist Lynsun has also a great sound. She sounds really black.

Tune #2 "Do You Wanna Funk" is a up tempo boogie electro style tune. Great synth bass on "Beware!" track #3 with some nice Chic guitar chords. The break contains a Nice bass and synth solo on top of the heavy bass synth.

Another very great tune is "Uncle Remus" with the right typical old school analog ingredients like the bass and synth, 'papauuw'. If your hear this track you know exactly what I mean. He sings about the late seventies that he miss. The good old days. This track gets better everytime you hear it.

On the mid-temp Cuttie Pie Enois use the typical Cameo snare drum (word up!) and of course a very nice bass. Great Tune. The uptempo "On more time" does have an fresh electro sound. Another 80s boogie tune is "Solid", once more the 80s synth and bass sounds. This is also one of my favorite tracks.

When you start "Let's get back together" on your CD player you hear the warm bass line like "Love come down" by Evelyn King. It May sound boring to repeat the phrase but this is the REAL 80s sound. On top of that the great voice of Enois.

"Feel the beat" another favourite is mid-temp track with the pleasant voice of Lynsun. With the next track "Satisfied" you imagine that you're in the eigthies. The same for track #11 "Your Will" feat. Mo Molokwu. Both great tracks, devastatingly so. Lovely vocals by Mo. "Party Time" is indeed Party Time, great synth bass groove. Goosebumps.

The beautiful voice of Lynsun is a great addition on this track "Please Don't Give up" full of 80s boogie sounds. My absolute favorite of this album is "Funkafied". When you buy this album you gonna be Funkafied real quick.

Both "One night" and "Magic Classics" are the last "piece of art" tracks of this sublime album.

If this album was originally recorded in the eighties it would now be a collectorz item ;-)

Check Enois page on myspace to buy this fabolous album and of course for the sound snippets. I can assure you that you don't regret when you buy this album blind. Mark Berbiers

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