Vesta Williams album Seven

Extending a tradition that stretches from Aretha Franklin to Sarah Vaughn, singer, songwriter, Vesta Williams contributed to the soulful mix of musical era and genres during her career. Simply put, Vesta Williams is a musical legend.   Before her death in September 22, 2011, Vesta released 6 studio albums that has produced the hits “Congratulations” “Sweet Sweet Love” “4U” and “Special”.  Her upcoming studio release “Seven” is completed and contains the wonderful vocals and arrangement that we have expected from her over the last 25 years. Vesta has sold over 2 million albums in her career that this effort will please all her fans.

Today, Vesta’s new single “Better Days” is available on Itunes. From Executive Producers Edwin Nicholas, Devon V. Collins and  Kahlil I. Pedizisai, Vesta’s Album

“Seven” will be available in Stores on March 12, 2013 from Stimuli Music.

“Vesta’s voice is still magical. She was a joy yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Said Collins.

“Producing the Vesta album was an amazing experience,” said Edwin ‘Tony” Nicholas.  “To be around her and to learn from her was one of the highlights of my career.”


“Vesta has the voice of an angel and this album will be memorialized as one of her best works,” said Kahlil I. Pedizisai.

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