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Chris Jasper - Inspired...By Love, By Life, By The Spirit Isley Brother, Chris Jasper, just released his brand new CD Inspired: By Love, By Life, By The Spirit. Chris wrote, produced, arranged, played all the instruments for this album. The sound on this ten track album is a mix of slow groovers, funky tunes, and up-tempo tracks. You probably know the Isley-Jasper-Isley tune 'Caravan Of Love' and these slow tempo tunes have some influences of that song. When you hear these tracks for the first time you can Immediately say: Oh, that is 'Chris Jasper'. No one makes this sound than Chris.

The opening track on this album is the title track 'Inspired' a very inspiring slow-tempo groover. In September 2012 I already received the second track 'Keep Believin' as a preview for his new album. Back then my words were: Check this sound out. Heavy bass, great vocoder and guitar sounds. The message for this track is 'PUT DOWN THOSE GUNS AND PICK UP THOSE BOOKS...KEEP BELIEVIN''. The third track on this fabulous album is 'Any Day' another slow-tempo one with a beautiful Melodie line. 'Let My People Go' is another funky tune, with heavy bass that last six minutes.

'Someone' is the next track I had the privilege to hear in November 2012. When hearing this amazing track back then I was very curious how the other album tracks would sounds like. I had this feeling that It could be a great album and Chris did not disappoint me. Every track has something, just like 'Faith', 'in My Dreams'. Don't know what it is, it just felt good. The combination is just right. Great instruments, vocal arrangements, sound, and lyrics. The last track on this album 'Prince Of Peace' is an uptempo track and even great as all previous tracks.

When you have earlier material of Chis Jasper or The Isley Brothers, and of course if you are new to them, please have a listen to this album. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Berbiers

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