Larry Graham



Year Title Label Rating
Star Walk 1979 Larry Graham And Graham Central Station - Star Walk WARNER BROS.
(3 votes)
One In A Million You 1980 Larry Graham - One In A Million You WARNER BROS.
(4 votes)
Just Be My Lady 1981 Larry Graham - Just Be My Lady WARNER BROS.
(6 votes)
Sooner Or Later 1982 Larry Graham - Sooner Or Later WARNER BROS.
(3 votes)
Be Yourself 1983 Alfie Silas - Be Yourself RCA
(7 votes)
Pretty Girls, Everywhere 1983 Wynd Chymes - Pretty Girls, Everywhere RCA
(14 votes)
Victory 1983 Larry Graham - Victory PID
(0 votes)
High Rise 1984 Scheer Music - High Rise TBA
(1 vote)
Lover's Intuition 1989 Amy Keys - Lover's Intuition EPIC
(3 votes)

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