Johnny Bristol



Year Title Label Rating
The Power Of Love 1973 Jerry Butler - The Power Of Love MERCURY
(0 votes)
Hang On In There Baby 1974 Johnny Bristol - Hang On In There Baby MGM
(1 vote)
Feeling The Magic 1975 Johnny Bristol - Feeling The Magic MGM
(1 vote)
Bristol's Creme 1976 Johnny Bristol - Bristol's Creme ATLANTIC
(3 votes)
Feeling My Way 1978 Margie Joseph - Feeling My Way ATLANTIC
(0 votes)
Strangers 1979 Johnny Bristol - Strangers ATLANTIC
(1 vote)
Free To Be Me 1981 Johnny Bristol - Free To Be Me HANSA
(10 votes)
Magic 1985 The Four Tops - Magic MOTOWN
(3 votes)

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