Very funky with smooth vocals. They were a great live act too.

this was the best live band i have ever seen . there showman ship was the best ever no one could do it like radiance. i had the great honor of playing guitare for these guys a few times. my name is dave from divinity. i wanna say a special wasup to byron gipson who helped me a lot with guitare playin....and to my very good friend kenny mitchel. these are all good guys..peace and luv to you all.

LIke the other reviewer said - Radiance was one of the baddest bands I've ever seen. Amazing shows. I saw them several times and always dug em. This is the only album that I know of them releasing but I heard that they recorded an album after this but it was not released because they broke up. They were signed to Quincy Jones' record company so that should tell you everything you need to know about how bad these cats were!

My sister and I loved Radiance! We used to see them perform whenever we could. They were just too cute - all of them! Where are they now?

I never thought this album was nearly as good as the band was live but I still think its an ok album. Reggie Griffin produced the record for Radiance and he also did "I feel for you" by Chaka Kahn, "The message" and "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash as well as albums for the Ojays and Isley Brothers. Overall, I would rate this album a 4 out of 5 but if it was a live recording, I know it would be a 5 out of 5.

Eric Young from Radiance is one of the best funk bassists I ever saw. I just heard him with Sly and the family stone.

When I was coming up as a musician in SF in the 80's - I wanted a band and to be like Radiance in every way. They had the sound, the show and ALL of the women! I settled for being able to meet and hangout with them - mostly their keyboard players frank and kenny t. These guys had the state of the art gear and they were really down to earth and even showed me things and inspired me to play keyboards. I've been playing professionally since 1990 and I owe a lot to kenny and frank. Anybody know how they are or how to reach them? - Danny Wolder

Some of the guys from this Radiance produced Rob and Fab's (Milli Vanilli) album - I think Radiance's album was better. I saw them preform with Rob and Fab on the Arsenio Hall show but it was just ok... the Radiance guys should have sung the songs.

Wow!! This takes me back. I remember them on stage thinking these guys must do nothing but practice all day. I remember when they did a concert and Shiela E. got on stage with them. My sister loved them so much that for awhile I started hating them. But I ain't gonna lie. I bought the tape.

I ran into one of their old body guards and he gave me the 411 on some of the guys, so here we go: Frank Funchess (Keyboards)- is one of the creative people for itunes/mac and still mixes and records projects. He is working on a project with the keyboard player from Earth, Wind and Fire, Larry Dunn. He is married with 2 kids. Byron Gipson (Guitar)- He is writing and producing his son (yes, he has a son that is actually a good rapper) who is somehow hooked into the Vibe Magazine Tour. He lives in the Sacramento area. Leonard Polk (Drums)- Married and has a daughter. Still plays live with a top 40 band around the Bay Area. Don't know the name of the band. If I find out I will post it. Eric Young (Bass)-Plays with Confunkshun and Sly Stone. I actually saw him with Confunlshun. He is still the Bomb!!! Kenny Taylor (Keyboards)- Doesn't play music anymore. He started an investment firm in Walnut Creek and is supposed to have big $$$$. Flying on private planes and all that. Tyrone Triggs (Lead Singer)- Has a production company. Doing mostly hip hop/R&B stuff. He had a solo CD out but I don't know how good it did. I think he was the one who created the stage moves and all that. Kenny Mitchell (Lead Singer)- Nobody seems to know where he is. He got married, had a kid, and then moved away somewhere. All I know is that boy could sing. Well thats it from me.

I heard a reunion is in the works. Please let them come to Seattle.

One of the best groups I've had the pleasure of knowing and listening too, not to mention that Frank is my brother. I stay in touch with Tyrone through Instant Message and God bless them all, PJ

Hello everyone: Thanks for the love and support. I mean this from the heart. I have been talking with the band and we are discussing a re-union. So, keep your fingers crossed. I can be reached at: I look forward to meeting the old as well as the new fans. Again, thank you all. Stay CoOl. Tyrone Triggs

Man, the buzz back in the day, was that upcoming groups were coming to Oakland, to check out what the hype was about this group called Radiance! They could take all the notes they wanted but what they couldn't take home with them was the chemistry! The girls know what I'm talking about! It was a treat to watch! -Rico Casanova, THE PROS

I found this link for the Radiance online dvd. It seems to be pretty new. You can view it from this link. Just cut and paste it into your browzer. Darlene Watts from Ohio,

That's my uncle Ty ya'll. Radiance forever!

It's good to hear you guys material again.It brings back so many good memories of good times and great music.Those were the days! Ace

I saw them in Portland OR. Kind of loud but it was a great concert. All my sister did was scream the whole time.

I remember these guys. They turn out the concert I went to with Atlantic Starr. not bad for some pretty boys. They reminded me of the Jacksons mixed with Debarge.

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